H&H company is combination of server with a business strategy consulting and a product development and an advertisement.

H&H is a one-of-a-kind(unique) Chinese company dedicated to entrepreneur strategy and marketing innovation, which draws strategies for entrepreneurs, and ignites strategies with innovation. After 17 years since it is founded, the company is continuing to create a series of marketing miracles for Chinese market. With the “super symbols are super innovation” being the essential approach of H&H company, it makes the top-level design for brands, initiates the distinctive strategy and innovative service featured with entrepreneur strategy, product strategy and brand strategy, the three ones forming into a whole body.

H&H offers a package service for entrepreneurs within a complete system, including:

Entrepreneur strategy with the business portfolio and product structure, an entrepreneur strategy plans the development route map for entrepreneurs, achieves a clear social value for enterprises.

Brand management the design of the super symbol system and brand-language system, makes the new brand and product become the familiar old friends for consumers during one night.

Product development and innovation with the buying reason as the essence, the innovation of products and advertisements are achieved as an integration development.

Packaging design a product itself is a medium; we design the packaging through on-shelf display spirit and super-symbol approach, so that the merchandise, whether released on the shelves in physical stores or online stores, will be sold instantly.

Advertisement and popularizing innovation to encourage consumption, to decrease consumers’ choice for selecting cost and decision cost, drive people who see the advertisements want to buy the product.



Xibei Restaurant is one of China’s well-known catering brands. H&H has created the super symbol“I莜”, the new super symbol system and unrivalled brand experiences for Xibei!


H&H has helped 360 position in the positioning as the “Internet Security Center”, the holding of China Internet Security Center and the boosting of 360 to become a super symbol for Internet security and become the Internet security center, security platform and security entrance


H&H proposed children’s pharmaceutical strategy to Sunflower Pharmaceutical, created the Little Sunflower image, and designed the packages and advertisements. This is H&H’s typical case for the overall planning and the integration of enterprise strategy, brand strategy, package and advertisement creation.


H&H created the green-plaid tablecloth super symbol and the super discourse “Chubang Soy Sauce, naturally fresh after being bathed in the sun for 180 days!” It boosted Chubang to rise to the first-tiered flavoring brand in China in two years. Please continue to follow Chubang if you want to know how powerful H&H Methodology is.


“M&G stationery, ideal tools for you to write down your creative ideas”. H&H proposed that M&G be not in the stationery industry, but in the creative industry. H&H not only designed the brand for M&G, but also developed many successful creative produdcts for M&G.


In “I love Gu’an Industrial Park, a wealth-making paradise, only 50 km south to Tian’anmen Square”, Tian’anmen Square is the super symbol, and “I love Gu’an Industrial Park” is the super discourse. This is H&H’s masterpiece of the super symbol and the super discourse.


H&H took part in the whole process of the brand marketing of Peacock Villas. It created the integrated marketing and communication mode for Peacock Villas. This is a typical case for the application of H&H Methodology to the real estate industry.

Over the 14 years, H&H has created numerous marketing miracles in the Chinese market and helped many enterprises achieve compelling leapfrog development. All this results from H&H Methodology, the first set of systematic marketing philosophy on the Chinese mainland.

On the basis of enterprises’ environment and resources, H&H Methodology can be used to systematically identify the core elements of enterprise and brand development, develop clear enterprise development goals and roadmaps, achieve rapid value accumulation and maximize the market communication effect with creative ideas being guided by specific methods. H&H Methodology emphasizes that “All efforts should be one integrated endeavor”. It theoretically integrates enterprise strategy, product development, creative ideas for marketing, brand management and other aspects. It provides specific creative methods to practically handle these issues. H&H Methodology emphasizes essnece  . It is a creative marketing method based on commercial essence. Thanks to this, H&H is confined to certain industries and has achieved tremendous successes in many fields. Learn more information

“Super symbol sells itself” is the first book on H&H Methodology. It was written by Hua Shan in person. It was rated as a five-star book on douban.com, dangdang.com, Amazon.com and 360buy.com (now JD.com). Over 100,000 copies were sold in the first month after it was launched.

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