HUA&HUA company is combination of server with a business strategy consulting and a product development and an advertisement.

HUA&HUA is a one-of-a-kind Chinese company dedicated to entrepreneur strategy and marketing innovation, which draws strategies for entrepreneurs, and ignites strategies with innovation.

With the “All efforts should be one integrated endeavor” being the essential approach of HUA&HUA company, it makes the top-level design for brands, initiates the distinctive strategy and innovative service featured with entrepreneur strategy, product strategy and brand strategy, the three ones forming into a whole body.

HUA&HUA offers a package service for entrepreneurs within a complete system, including:

Entrepreneur strategy: with the business portfolio and product structure, an entrepreneur strategy plans the development route map for entrepreneurs, achieves a clear social value for enterprises.
Brand management: the design of the super symbol system and brand-language system, makes the new brand and product become the familiar old friends for consumers during one night.
Product development and innovation: with the buying reason as the essence, the innovation of products and advertisements are achieved as an integration development.
Packaging design: a product itself is a medium; we design the packaging through on-shelf display spirit and super-symbol approach, so that the merchandise, whether released on the shelves in physical stores or online stores, will be sold instantly.
Advertisement and popularizing innovation: to encourage consumption, to decrease consumers’ choice for selecting cost and decision cost, drive people who see the advertisements want to buy the product.


Shanghai HUA&HUA Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd. (“HUA&HUA”) is a unique marketing strategy and creation consulting company in China. It tailors marketing strategies for enterprises and provides creative ideas to bring the marketing strategies into full play. HUA&HUA aims to become a creative strategist and a creator with strategic thinking.
HUA&HUA conducts top-level designs for brands with the HUA&HUA methodology that “All efforts should be one integrated endeavor”. It provides unique strategy and creation consulting services integrating enterprise strategy, product strategy and brand strategy, ranging from strategy consulting, product development and brand management to marketing/promotion, packaging design and creative advertising.

— The Golden Wine is the best gift to the elders.
— Sunflower Mothers’ Class has a new program! Pediatric medicines of Sunflower Pharmaceutical
— Chenguang Stationery is always creative! Chenguang Stationery, your ideal tools for expressing your creativity
— Sanjing Pharmaceutical, a pioneer in offering blue-bottled oral solution!
— Beijing boasts four intelligent Peacock villa areas.
— I love Gu’an Industrial Park, a wealth-making paradise, only 50 km south to Tian’anmen Square.
— Xibei Oat Nuddles, I Love You!
— Chubang Soy Sauce, naturally fresh after being bathed in the sun for 180 days!
— Yell “Tianqi” when you are photographed! Panax Notoginseng (Tianqi) Toothpaste
— Keke medicines, specialized cough killer! Yibai Pharmaceutical, always making all-out efforts!


HUA&HUA has influential and successful cases in different industries. Today, you will see packages designed by us or bestsellers marketed by us everywhere in China, including supermarkets, drugstores, book stores, canteens, malls and the Internet.

  • FMCG
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health Care Products
  • Real Estate
  • Industrial Estate
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Catering
  • Internet
  • Stationery
  • Agricultural Materials
  • Publication
  • Financial
  • Urban Tourism
  • Household Chemicals

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