Our Values


“Not greedy, not knowingly doing harmful things; wholeheartedly serving clients by sparing no efforts and with effective skills; friendly, considerate and standing in others’ shoes” This is H&H’s value and the basic principle for H&H’s each employee to follow in conducting themselves and doing things.


Wholeheartedly serving clients by sparing no efforts and with our effective skills

We do not take part in exhibitions or conferences everywhere to increase our awareness. Apart from our advertisements, we always focus on wholeheartedly serving clients by sparing no efforts and with effective skills. “sparing no efforts” and “with effective skills” are interrelated. These two factors are essential in service provision. Lack of either factor will result in poor services or deception. So we attach great importance to each of these two factors.


Friendly, considerate and standing in others’ shoes

We offer friendly and considerate services to clients, and we stand in clients’ shoes in the marketing services.
We want to create miracles for clients. But miracles do not happen every time. So we want to bring returns for clients so that they can recover their costs. What if clients cannot recover their costs? We will avoid clients’ suffering setbacks. We won’t risk clients’ properties for our ambition or interests. That is, we will stand in clients’ shoes.
Internally, we will be considerate to subordinates. We are considerate to subordinates and help them make progress.


Not greedy, not knowingly doing harmful things, and sparing no efforts

Our most important value is to be “not greedy”. We adhere to “making progress every day and outpacing others through long-term efforts”. We are not greedy, so we can stick to principles and do not worry about personal gains or losses.
We do not knowingly do harmful things. Prudence is a basic principle for us. We act prudently and do not involve clients in risks. We take all factors into overall consideration and do our best to avoid risks for clients.
What if we disagree with clients? We try to reach agreements with clients. If clients don’t agree with us, we will advise them to cooperate with others. We do not do the things we object to.
Moreover, we spare no efforts. We always spare no efforts, because this is crucially important for clients’ success. Internally, employees spare no efforts to help each other.


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